Dani Owens

200 RYT

First, thank you for taking time to follow your curiosity of yoga. You have already made the first step, I am so excited for you! For me, yoga is spiritual and mental, meaning as I am guided through the poses i find my mind turning inward, allowing my practice to become a moving meditation of prayer and stillness. I originally started practicing in college for the physical benefits of yoga but soon realized that a regular practice heightened my awareness of everyday choices, allowing me to make healthier decisions overall. I became a teacher and I'm opening The Yoga Bar because I want everyone to experience how good your body is designed to feel. My job as a teacher is to help you find what yoga means to you. This moving meditation is for you and no one else in the room. I see everyone equally in their practice, someone in a hand stand is just as good as someone breathing in child's pose. I love providing mediative qualities in every class I teach, as I want this practice to mean something to you, whatever that may be. I hope you can find a calmer mind, open heart and love toward others with the practice of yoga.