Love You, Be You, Radiate You

L.B.R. stands for our values, our habits. They serve as a daily reminder to tune into the goodness that is inherently ours. These habits guide us in loving ourselves, acting as our authentic selves and radiating this love onto those we encounter. We act as motivators for people to discover the love within themselves and share it with their family, friends, community and beyond.  We believe that when we are kind to ourselves passing this kindness onto others comes with ease. Loving ourselves is loving the world.



Love and accept yourself. At the same time own your mistakes with care and celebrate you successes humbly. You are worthy, whole, and complete. Remember you are God's greatest miracle. Commit to being a friend to yourself. Take good care of your mind, body and spirit.


Be your best authentic self. The world is hungry for authenticity. Let go of self doubt and do not seek approval from others. Remember to always look for the good in others. Tell the truth... especially to yourself. 


The love you show yourself is no different than the love you show others. Find a sincere compliment to share. Make who you are today a positive influence on the lives of those around you. Treat every encounter as a holy encounter. The greatness within you is not what you have, it is what you give. Surprise someone with a smile or an extra hand.