Jelena Sudar

200 RYT

Jelena started her yoga journey in college while searching for a way to better cope with stress. It wasn't until a few years later that she began to deepen her practice in order to rehabilitate from an invasive spinal surgery. Her yoga practice soon became her refuge -- a way to cultivate a deeper, more intimate connection with body, mind and heart. She is hooked and thrilled to have discovered a physical activity that is simultaneously strengthening, soothing and rejuvenating.

Jelena is inspired by many different styles of yoga. In her teaching, she likes to incorporate a balance of alignment, flow, breath, words of inspiration and awareness of emotional and physical state. She yearns to share yoga's transformative powers with as many people as she can. Jelena believes that anyone can do yoga and welcomes beginners and advanced students alike. She strives to create a safe, serene and non-intimidating environment where students come to heal their bodies, uplift their souls and embody their full potential.

In her time off the mat, Jelena enjoys traveling to new countries, nature walks, cooking healthy meals, reading and sipping tea with friends and family.