Kathleen Shiflett

200 RYT

I like to joke that I am a recovering perfectionist, but honesty that statement couldn’t be more accurate. I am a wife, a mother, and a yoga enthusiast - but slowly I’ve come to realize that my identity is not what I do, where I am, or any other category, or measure of perfection. I have plenty of imperfections and also many wonderful gifts. Yet, I am none of these things and all of these things at the same time. In the moments that I am able to stop dissecting my life, I find I embody my most authentic self. This lifelong process is what yoga means to me: a practice.

The practice of yoga is something that I am not striving to perfect, but am passionate about sharing in a way that has application in daily life rather than remaining something detached from it. I truly believe one of yoga’s universal benefits is learning to acknowledge our self in this moment, breath after breath. This is reflected in my classes where I teach intentional sequences both accessible to beginners and challenging for those at the intermediate and advanced levels. I encourage my students to add their own personal touch as they work to build a deeply compassionate relationship with themselves. It’s captivating when I get to be part of someone’s process of looking within!

In the midst of daily life, a small voice inside of us also craves our time and attention. By practicing yoga, we can offer space for spending time with ourselves, and what we will find is that nothing and everything will change. The details of who we are will blend into the beauty of the whole picture...we simply have to find the courage and strength to step back and allow our perspective shift.