Kelsey Stevens

200 RYT 

I originally began practicing yoga because my mom and I wanted to find an activity that we could go to together. Little did I know I would end up falling in love with every aspect of yoga! I began noticing how I was physically, and mentally, gaining strength. My type A personality was able to find some relaxation. I often times use the mantra everything happens for a reason, and after being approached and encouraged by one of The Yoga Bar’s instructors I decided to go through my 200-hour teacher training. As it turned out, I was absolutely blown away with how deep my personal practice became, the amount of knowledge I was gaining, and the newfound passion that I had for yoga.

As a teacher, I am delighted when I have the opportunity to guide others who are willing and open to deepen, or even begin, their own journey in yoga. No matter what type of day I am having, I always leave class feeling light and full of love. I pull inspiration for my classes from music, from personal life experience, and from the life experiences of the friends and family around me. My aim is for everyone in my classes to thoroughly enjoy their practice and to find both their physical strength as well as their own inner strength. 

As a practitioner, my favorite postures are child’s pose and headstand. Child’s pose allows me to feel grounded and reassured in my body. Headstand makes me feel strong and successful while its humbling side provides a compass that reminds be to have balance and focus.

The next time you are at the studio take a moment to say hello and I look forward to getting a chance to practice with you!