Noelle Theiring

200 RYT

Noelle first became interested in practicing yoga because you get to go barefoot while working out.  It didn’t take long before she began to experience not only the physical benefits of yoga, but also the mental and spiritual effects as well.  Noelle continued to return to her mat, even after extended time away, due to the calming effects yoga had on her body.  

In January of 2016, after a family health emergency that left her with PTSD and high anxiety, Noelle took the challenge to complete 30 days of yoga at her studio in Dallas.  It was this experience that shaped her yoga journey most of all.  Within those 30 days, Noelle began to notice healing within her body on and off her mat.  As she began to deepen her practice, she began to transfer what she was learning to other areas of her life.  Connecting breath with movement during yoga class allowed her to notice when she was not connected with her breathe outside of yoga.  Noelle strives to continue practicing yoga daily as a way to gain awareness of her mind, body and soul.

In the Spring of 2017, Noelle completed her 200 hour certification in order to deepen her practice and share the healing effects yoga has to offer with others.  Noelle believes yoga is the union of the body, breath, and mind. A moving meditation.  In her teaching, she strives to provide a welcoming space where you can discover what yoga will mean to you.

When she is not on her mat, you can find Noelle teaching in an elementary classroom, curled up with a good book, or playing hide and go seek with her nieces and nephew.